Time and Life Management are critical skills to have

Life and Time Management — the skills, that are totally undervalued and even disrespected by sceptics.

These skills are unfortunately not taught at school, universities or even books. One must explore the whole world of knowledge to learn and the most importantly apply them in life and achieve balance and fulfilment.

Thanks to learning these skills and applying in a hard way, due to life necessity and circumstances — I am who I am today and will continue to share the invaluable life and time management skills and knowledge, I have gained within my community.

Life is getting more complex in terms of massive information and technology growth, we need to quickly process massive amount of information to make decisions.

Now, imagine how challenging is it for kids?

Just a recent example, my daughter is studying at technasium -secondary school with additional technical research & development curriculum. She is studying hard, doing her homework with good discipline and focus, however the grades were not according to her efforts, she has been investing.

By observing this, I realised, we have been trying to help, coach her even getting additional tuitoring- still no good results.

There was a small trick missing, which I could not figure out on how to increase her learning effectiveness, so, I reached out to her school by simply asking is there any school based coaching on how to learn effectively?

The answer was YES!👍

There was a special school coaching in teachning how to effectively learn and study, plan and manage the priorities, tailored to school’s heavy studying curriculum.

I received 100 pages effectiveness. methodology package both for studying and planning, managing the priorities, additionally the online knowledge base, videos, wealth of materials to help students!

I was amazed and pleased, it was a great methodology! The coaches immediately recognised the studying pattern my daughter had and promised me to support her in improving it.

Moving forward, the behaviour of my hard working daughter did not really change — except for attending 3 days per week for couple of hours her effectiveness coaches at school.

Within 1 week after attending her effectiveness coaches, her grades increased exponentially high — she got from 65–70% to 85–95%↗️

My daughter still does not understand what they are doing for her😅, but I know exactly how they improved her learning pattern😉

My plea to all of you, learn yourself and teach your kids the life and time management skills to make right choices, set the priorities, having a life management plan, goals to transform from the follower into leader!🙏🏻