Madina Doup
  • Founder of Maxoutcomes,
  • Corporate Architect and Digital Transformation Leader,
  • Author of Maxoutcomes courses,
  • Certified coach and mentor,
  • More than 20 years of experience in designing and optimizing business processes, business architecture and information technology
Mass Media
Successfully managing work-life balance, being a loving wife and caring mother to 2 wonderful kids, Madina Doup is the Netherlands based Lead Enterprise Architect and Digital Transformation leader. Madina has over 20 years of experience and a strong track-record of exploiting the power of information technology, tackling management challenges of Energy and Engineering companies.

Speaking multiple languages English, Dutch and Russian she had worked in Asia, Middle East, Africa and European markets, establishing and managing a wide-range of value-driven IT programmes for Fortune 500 companies.

Having a deep understanding of the Business and Industry landscape – Upstream, Exploration & Development, Construction & Engineering, Downstream Manufacturing, Commercial & Trading, Contract, Procurement & Logistics – including strategic priorities and challenges, Madina articulates well how these relate to the wider enterprise strategy and competitive landscape.
Her capacity to illuminate the business value of IT and drive value-driven strategies can help executive leadership shape leaner, high-performance organizations that will thrive In this era of energy transition

With her experience at a global level in strategy roles, sharp communication skills, and the ability to bridge the domains of core business and IT, Madina can influence and build support for change at all levels within organizations aiming to transform for the future.

She holds a MSc in Enterprise IT Architecture and a BBA in Finance and Credits Management, Certified Coach of Robbins-Madanes™ Training‎, The Open Group Certified Architect Level 2.