Making the Right Career Choice

/ Choosing the right career path
This 2-hour course is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and tools to make an informed and confident career choice. Whether you are a student exploring your options or a professional looking for a career change, this course will guide you through a step-by-step process to identify your interests, skills, and values, and align them with the right career path.
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For whom is this course?

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03 For individuals looking to boost their income and align their personal values with professional aspirations. It helps in overcoming career challenges and increasing earning potential through self-assessment tools and strategic career planning.

Course Outline

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  • Understanding the importance of making the right career choice
  • Exploring the benefits of career planning and how to plan your career
Introduction to Career Planning
  • Identifying your interests, passions, and strengths
  • Assessing your skills and abilities
  • Determining your values and work preferences
  • Researching different industries and job roles
  • Gathering information about potential careers
  • Understanding the current job market trends
Exploring Career Options
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of different career options
  • Evaluating the alignment between your skills and interests and the chosen career paths
  • Using decision-making frameworks to make an informed choice
Decision-Making Strategies
  • Utilizing career counseling services
  • Networking and seeking advice from professionals in your desired field
  • Conducting informational interviews
Seeking Guidance and Advice
  • Setting short-term and long-term career goals
  • Developing an action plan to achieve your career objectives
  • Overcoming obstacles and staying motivated
Taking Action

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6 video lessons – 3 month access
Making the Right Career Choice
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