Annual Leadership Mentoring in person with Madina Doup

/ Annual subscription to daily mentoring
365 days of Leadership Mentoring “Small steps to giant successful results” personally with Madina Doup in 3 languages: Uzbek, English and Russian
Using innovative tools, strategies and principles for effective leadership development and personal growth
The goal is to inspire you to make decisions and take action
I will help you redirect your energy into measurable results through constant small steps
You will take small steps that will lead you to huge results in improving the quality of your life

From point A to point B with mentor

01 / What is included in mentoring

12 main themes in 365 days

02 / Mentoring Topics
Dreams of Destiny:
How to get what you really want:
The Power of Creation, the Power of Destruction:
Questions are Answers!
Learn to Change:
Dictionary of Success:
How to use Action signals:
Ten Day Mental Challenge:
Your personal compass:
Keys to an Expanded Life:
Putting it all together:
Main Gift: Contribution
Our Pains and Pleasures, Mental State
Our Beliefs
Creating Quality Questions to Improve the Quality of Life!
The Power of Transformational Dictionary and Global Metaphors
The Science of Conditioning Success
Mastering the Grading System
Values ​​and Rules
Identity and Guidance
Health, Finance, Relationships and Code of Conduct
Decisions and Goal Setting

Who is this mentoring for?

03 / For whom
03 For those who understand that changes in life must begin with themselves, but do not understand how to do this step by step
03 For those who are ready to work on themselves, but cannot yet afford individual work with an expert
Private Telegram channel

All the working material is published here, as well as my answers to all your questions.
Live broadcasts

Once a month I go on a private live session and answer your questions in 3 languages, depending on the language of the question
Daily quests

Every day I give material and a task, you complete it

How will I work with you?

04/ Interaction structure
Start date:
January 1, 2024
You can join mentoring at any time

Yes! I am ready! Let’s go!

05 / Subscription cost
Mentoring with Madina Doup
365 days, 12 topics
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