Turn Time into Value

/ 4-week course of Madina Doup

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3 months

4 training modules for 4 weeks
20% theory
80% practice
You will immediately start applying your knowledge in practice and find a way out of any unpleasant situations
01 / What's included in the course

Madina Doup’s program:

  • Professional career: colleagues, challenging bosses, endless workload, trainings, business trips, large projects, running own business, managing a team, achieving ambitions and goals...

  • Family management: husband/wife, kids, parents, schooling, siblings, kids’ extra activities, social events...

  • Household management: grocery shopping, cooking, pet care, house cleaning, laundry...
  • Constant state of stress, potential burnout, anxiety, procrastination, laziness

  • Useless activities bringing no result!

  • Chronic fatigue, health problems

  • Lack of energy, hopelessness

  • Tension in relationship with partner and family

  • Low self-esteem and feeling of uncertainty

  • Unconsciousness and illusions that everything will be solved by itself
98% of people are unconscious in managing their time for many reasons:
What does it lead to?
Now, imagine that you are:
Successful, Energetic, Confident, living in a constant state of pleasure, person!
You easily achieve the desired results, goals in your personal and professional life.

A person who:
  • Happily achieves anything in life from the joyful and fulfilled state
  • Realizing the dreams into reality by remaining positive and happy
  • Has absolute balance and harmony in personal and professional life
  • Has a “Master’s Degree” in Life Management
  • Has a new innovative way of thinking about Time and Life Management
To come to this, you need to learn a simple system of thinking that will allow you to find time for everything, while remaining positive and happy.
Learn to find time for everything while remaining positive and happy

Time will be your powerful tool for success and balance.
You will start achieving results from the state of fulfillment

Within 4 weeks, you will make a plan for your new balanced life, turning your dreams into reality.
Master’s Degree in Managing Your Life

You will learn to experience time in a completely new format - to live and get what you want in a constant sense of pleasure and saturation with your life.

What Results you will get:

02/ Main results of the participants
01 You will reach the end
Each lesson is like an individual coaching session with Madina Doup, which motivates to continue

02 Understandable content
Consistent presentation of information - from simple to complex

03 Comfortable format
1 module per week. You can listen to it even with headphones on the road
04 A lot of practice
with the special techniques you can easily apply in your life

05 Take your Time!
Access the course after completion and re-take it again.

06 To the future together
You will continue your journey into new thinking and self-development with a group of like-minded people

The result is guaranteed:

03/ How the course is structured

Training program

04 / Detailed course program
Power of your Focus
1.1 Your current Situation
1.2 Power of Focus: Learn to control and manage your focus
1.3 Time Zones of your focus
1.4 Time Control Model of your focus
  • Awareness of what requires your attention
  • Innovative approach to improving management efficiency and attention control
Creating the Plan of your Life
2.1 The Wheel of your Life:
2.1.1 Reveal the Gaps
2.1.2 Set Your Purpose and Your Goals
2.2 The Power of your Words: Creating Roles
2.3 The Power of your Vision: Creating the Vision of Your Life
2.4 The Power of your Habit: Creating your Code of Conduct
  • The wheel of your life and gaps
  • Creating Roles
  • Analyze all areas of your life, identify gaps
  • Create a clear plan for achieving balance and satisfaction in all areas
  • Form habits that support you in achieving your goals
Creating the Time of your Life
3.1 The Power of Chunking : Getting rid of your action lists
3.2 The Power of Planning: Creating Rapid Planning Block (RPB) and 5 Planning Steps
3.3 Your Hour of Power
3.4 Control your Emotional State
3.5 Planning Your Week with RPB
3.6 Clustering your Day
  • Stopping to use endless to-do lists
  • Control your emotions and get sharp focus on the most important things
  • Organization of your day using RPB
  • Effective planning
  • Creating a clear plan of your life
Decide & Act
4.1 Effective Decision Making Process
4.2 Effective Problems Solving
  • Applying in life the innovative decision-making methodology
  • Skilled to systematically solve problems, saving time, energy and resources

Cost of education

05 / Course tariffs
Course "Turn Time into Value"
4-week course in English with access for 3 months
20 video lessons


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